Book review: Who Moved My Cheese?

This book is about how we react to CHANGE. How a person reacts to certain change and how that will reflect in future. Yes change is scary and it's not everyone who deals with it well, but it is necessary. It is necessary for both progress and effective growth. The book has roughly 50 pages… Continue reading Book review: Who Moved My Cheese?


What’s in my BAG?

My bag is my entire life. I carry all my essential belongings in it. I always have a bag on me whether it's going to the mall, lunch dates and even for church. I believe handbags make a statement and complete an outfit. A handbag always compliments the look of the day. We can never… Continue reading What’s in my BAG?

student life

Exciting things to do this Recess

Recess finally! I’m so excited to write this – more excited than I’ve been in a long time. But before we go there, I have to share something personal with you…I can attest that the exams were no fun at all. The level of studying I had to undergo at a short period of time… Continue reading Exciting things to do this Recess

law of attraction

Positive Affirmations

Affirmations is a declaration of something that is TRUE it is positive self talk. I mentioned earlier in one of my blog posts the importance of giving positive energy into the universe. Yes this is IT! Affirmations is channelling the universe for what you want and preparing yourself for it. It is the law… Continue reading Positive Affirmations

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Exam preparation : tips and traits

The year has really gone by very fast. We are already writing our mid-year exams. Time does fly! I've managed to compile a list of exam preparation tips : the Do's and Don'ts before an exam, how to study effectively, note making and of course how to keep yourself calm. Exam Do's and Don'ts Do's… Continue reading Exam preparation : tips and traits



Too often we hear people around us arguing about who's better looking based on the shade of their skin. Some people even come to think that when they are darker in complexion they are invaluable. When I was younger I heard "Raki you are dark " for the longest time and honestly I used to… Continue reading Black is BEAUTIFUL