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Spring thrift store finds 2018 : Part 1

Spring is here and summer isn't far behind. Spring is about fun, pop of color and sunny weather. The fashion side of this season is absolutely amazing as we get to witness amazing trends, styles and rich, bright colors. The dared season - the BOLD. This is a post sponsored by Flarè clothing brand. Here… Continue reading Spring thrift store finds 2018 : Part 1


Spring Flarè

My favorite season is finally here! I love the bright colors,floral dresses and the amazing outfits that come with it. Less layers and more attention to detailed outfits , statement pieces and more legs.🌼 I’m really excited about this season because of the amazing hot weather, ice cream, pool side days, the photography and the… Continue reading Spring Flarè


Sunshine Blogger Award: Nomination

Seven months into blogging and I got my first nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This is a dream come true! I never thought that I'd reach this achievement so soon. I am truly grateful to Telia from for the nomination. A great thank you to people who follow my blog and those that… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award: Nomination

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Women are Diamonds

'Women are the Diamonds' my favourite line from a song I really like. Women are described as Diamonds because diamonds are gem, crystallized carbon, the most valued and brilliant of precious stones, remarkable for its hardness. Women, we are gems! Unique, extremely rare, beautiful inside out, classy and of course intelligent with a dash of… Continue reading Women are Diamonds


Best budgeting: Personal finance

Budgeting has to be one of the most challenging life hacks - I still find it very difficult. Budgeting is taking control of your finances. It’s by no means an easy process or an overnight success, but with the right tools, discipline, determination and support, it can be done. All the experience that I have… Continue reading Best budgeting: Personal finance


Book review: Who Moved My Cheese?

This book is about how we react to CHANGE. How a person reacts to certain change and how that will reflect in future. Yes change is scary and it's not everyone who deals with it well, but it is necessary. It is necessary for both progress and effective growth. The book has roughly 50 pages… Continue reading Book review: Who Moved My Cheese?